Commercial Services

Trusted Home Service Pros is your solution for Commercial Garage Doors and Commercial Openers in Colorado Springs, CO.


Commercial door and opener installation and repair should only be performed by professionals with specialized training. Our technicians have received this training and will ensure your door or opener are installed or repaired appropriately.

Commercial Installation

Commercial Garage Door Installation | Commercial Opener Installation

Commercial garage doors and commercial openers require specialized knowledge. If you are looking for a new garage door or a new opener for your business we have the expertise to help. Our technicians have received extensive training in order to ensure they can help you find the perfect new commercial door or new commercial opener for your business!

Finding the perfect door or opener is only the first step, proper installation is just as important, if not more. Because of this, we ensure our technicians receive the proper specialized training needed to install commercial garage doors or commercial openers so you can rest assured your installation will be done correctly the first time.

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Commercial Service & Repair

Commercial Garage Door Repair | Commercial Opener Repair

Commercial doors and openers can see extreme wear and tear. Unlike residential doors, commercial doors can be opened and closed several times per day and they are at the risk of being damaged by equipment much larger and heavier than a typical vehicle. We offer Commercial door in opener repair in Colorado Springs, CO for those times when things happen.

Repair of a commercial door or opener is typically an urgent need. With a business, a broken door or opener can mean your customers are not able to enter the business, or it could leave your business without the security of a closed and locked door. We offer same day solutions for your commercial doors and openers.

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Commercial Maintenance

Commercial Garage Door Maintenance | Commercial Opener Maintenance

Regular commercial door and opener maintenance can make a world of difference to the performance and life of your door, opener, and their parts. When your door or opener breaks it causes a major inconvenience to you, your employees, and your customers; regular maintenance can stop those issues before they begin. Our experienced technicians know exactly what to do to maintain the integrity and life of your door and opener.

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Commercial garage door and commercial opener work should only be done by professionals with the proper specialized training. Our team has received extensive training to ensure your installations and repairs are done right. The safety of your employees and customers depend on knowledge and skills of those you trust to work on your business. We stand behind our work and our technicians and will be your Trusted Home Service Pro!