We are proud to offer Fences and Gates to the Greater Denver Metro Area and the entire Front Range Community. We are licensed and insured and stand behind our work. 

Our experienced team specializes in cedar/redwood privacy fences, picket fences, custom wood, custom designs, wrought iron, split rail, and vinyl fences. We construct everything from below the ground up to include, long lasting metal posts, gates, automatic gate openers/operators, and we work with your HOA to ensure the fence is up to code.

tall brown wooden property fence

Woody Privacy Fence

Looking for a privacy fence in Denver, Colorado then you have found your 1st Choice for Fencing! Most wood privacy fences are constructed using Cedar. Cedar wood is the perfect wood for Colorado’s High Desert Climate. With proper maintenance, Cedar can withstand the tests of time and acts as a natural bug/insect repellent. 

Privacy fences are used for various reasons. The most obvious to keep wandering eyes out of your area, it may also be a requirement for your Home Owner’s Association, or you need to keep those pesky bears away from your bee hives, or you have a garden that you would like to preserve from your puppy or even the neighbor’s ferret. Whatever the reason is, we have built privacy wood fences for every situation. Contact Us today to schedule your free estimate!

Split rail fence

Split Rail Fences

Another style of wood fencing in Denver, CO is the split rail fence. This “custom” looking wood fence, simply puts a split between the fence rails in difference patterns. The patterns are dependent on the homeowner’s desires and/or the HOA requirements. Split rail fencing is a provides a more aesthetic look and will not necessarily keep the neighbors dog out on its own. However, most split rail fences have a type of wire, similar to chicken wire that can be installed to ensure the animals stay on the right side of the fences. Contact Us to learn more!