My garage door will not close

Why will my garage door not close?

This is a common concern of any homeowner with a garage door.


Do not let an open garage door ruin your day

If you have a garage door in Colorado, then you most likely have a garage door opener. On occasion, homeowners are faced with a garage door that does not close and wonder what the cause of this could be. No matter what manufacturer your garage door opener is, our professionally trained technicians are ready to assist you.

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Obstructed Safety Eyes?

These sensors are essential for proper operation. Check for any obstructions in between the safety eyes.

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Logic Board is inoperable

The logic board is basically the CPU for the opener. We can help you test the logic board for operability.

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Door is too Heavy

Over time, your garage door is impacted by wear and tear. Loose springs, moisture, and normal operation lead to a door being too heavy for the motor.

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Those pesky garage door safety eyes

The safety eyes (commonly referred to as safety sensors) are obstructed. The garage door opener safety eyes are small usually black in color rectangular boxes that attach to both the left and right track. Pursuant to code, these safety eyes should be installed approximately 6 inches from the floor so look towards the bottom of the track. These safety eyes create an invisible beam that must be continuous in order for the door to function correctly. When the beam is broken or blocked the door will not close using the garage door opener.

The garage door opener logic board is not working properly

The garage door opener logic board is no longer working. The logic board is the computer system of the garage door opener. A very common occurrence happens when the logic board experiences interference from dust, electrical, and other unknown factors that cause the logic board to not properly operate. There are only two solutions when dealing with a failed logic board, replacement of the logic board when possible, or replacement of the garage door opener.

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Heavy garage door means more than you think

The garage door opener force limits are no longer able to push the weight of the door down. There are many factors that play into this.

  1. The weight of the door can change from season to season. Especially when moisture freezes to the surface of your door like it commonly does in the beautiful Colorado winters. This will change the weight of the door and can throw off the force limits of the garage door opener.
  2. Failing garage door spring. If the door is heavy, this could be a sign of a failing garage door spring. The springs will naturally lose tension over time and will require adjustment or replacement

Here is a checklist for things to look for when your garage door will not close.

Clear pathway between the safety eyes

Check to make sure there is nothing blocking these safety eyes from sending communication to the garage door opener.

Check the lights on the safety eyes

Check the safety eyes for color. Each safety eye should have its own color, Green for one and an Amber color for the other. If you do not see these colors or you see a different color this means that the safety eyes are either blocked or not functioning correctly.

Properly installed?

Check to make sure the safety eyes are secure. There is typically a butterfly nut that keeps the safety eyes securely fastened to the bracket that secures to the track. Make sure that this nut is tight.

Did you accidentally hit the safety eyes?

On occasion, something is bumped into a safety eye and it has moved. If the safety eye is no longer pointing towards the other safety eye, adjust the bracket so that they are looking at each other.

Dust, Dirt, Grime build up

Dust off the safety eye sensor. Over time dust and debris build up can obstruct the optics on the safety eye. Use a can of compressed air and blow off the optic of the safety eye.

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  • If you are unsuccessful at getting the safety eyes to operate properly, give us a call and our team of experienced technicians will help get your garage door opening, and more importantly, closing.

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Heavy garage door means more than you think

There are a number of factors that can interfere with your garage door not closing. These are just some of the most common ways we have identified in our 20 plus years of experience working on garage doors and garage door openers. Garage door repair is dangerous work and should only be done by experienced professionals. Give us a call for a free consultation and let us get your garage door working again. Also, did you know when you choose Trusted Garage Doors, you are choosing to support Veterans dealing with Mental Illness, Addiction, and Suicidal ideations get the treatment that they need. We are proud to sponsor a nonprofit dedicated to assisting our Nations Veterans by promoting Mental Health, Recovery, and Suicide Prevention.