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Advanced Security Garage Door Openers

Your garage door is an extra form of security for your home; it provides and extra layer of protection from your house but it also secures your vehicles and other valuables you store in your garage. A properly functioning garage door is essential to keeping your valuables safe and secure. Help keep your home and vehicles safe and contact us today to ensure your garage is providing the protection you desire!

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Advanced security is at the top of everyone’s mind. Our owner is a former police officer and he brings this knowledge of security into the home and garage door openers with advanced security features are important. For most homeowners, the garage door is the most commonly accessed entry point into the home. It is important that the door remain secure at all times.

Keeping our families safe while have peace of mind has no value. As a former police officer, I am dedicated to ensuring your home is safe by ensuring the largest entry point into your home is the most secure. If security is a concern, then let our Professionally Trained and Experienced Team give our stamp of approval.

The garage door openers that we sell offer a variety of security features like:

1. Roving Garage Door Opener Access Codes

Garage door openers use frequency codes to open and close when using a remote or a keypad. These frequency codes can be copied and used by intruders to make entry into the home. One way to mitigate the ability for someone to do this is by having roving frequency codes. This means that when the homeowner uses his/her garage door opener remote the codes between the unit and the remote are updated and changed after every click. This ensures that stolen codes become useless as they are constantly updated.

liftmaster deadbolt

2. Automatic Deadbolt Access

Some garage door openers allow for an automatic deadbolt to be applied to the track of the garage door. This deadbolt is installed into the track and applies the deadbolt through the track and over one of the garage door rollers. Some intruders will use a technique of popping the top panel and disengaging the J-Arm of the garage door opener. Once the J-Arm is disconnected from the garage door opener to the door, the intruder is free to open the garage door manually without resistance. The automatic deadbolt eliminates the ability for any intruder to simply pop the top panel. Because of the stealthy installation, it is virtually impossible for anyone to locate the deadbolt and even more impossible for them access it from outside the garage door.

3. Backup Battery Garage Door Openers

A garage door opener with no power is devastating to both entry and exit. Every garage door opener is equipped with a manual override. This is typically the red string hanging from the garage door opener. Proper application is to pull the red rope on the opener until you hear a click. Then you can safely and manually open and close the garage door with ease. However, in extreme circumstances, powered garage door openers are essential and the only way to ensure this is with, you guess it, back up battery power for your garage door opener. The State of California has mandated that all garage door openers be equipped with a backup battery source. Here in Colorado, this is not the case, however, this is best practice. In the event of a power outage, having a backup battery garage door opener allows the homeowner to use the door as if there is no issue at all. This means that your remotes, keypads, and wall buttons are still operational and you can use the garage door opener without interruption.

liftmaster backup battery

4. Security Camera with WiFI Access and Mobile App

  • Integrated video camera enables you to keep an eye on your prized possessions through a live feed or recorded event
  • Two way audio allows you to tell those teens “Don’t even think about it”
  • Enables secure In-Garage Delivery with Key by Amazon so you can be care free and go about your day
  • Built-in Wi-Fi® allows for smartphone control with the myQ App, so you always know who’s sneaking around your garage